Sunday, 12 April 2015

Layer Cake Lemonade - Quilting in a Flash!

Whether you are a beginner quilter or need to whip something quickly Fat Quarter Shop's Layer Cake Lemonade pattern is the perfect solution.

It only requires a layer cake and for this project I used 'Fancy' by Lily Ashbury. However any pre cut layer cake will suffice so just select something that suit your colour requirement or quilt receiver's taste.

Firstly I selected 40 fabric squares out of the layer cake pack and then divided into two piles (20 dark & 20 light).
Dividing the fabric squares into dark & light

Then I made four different piles of five dark fabric squares and sew them up with a 1/4 inch seam. Press each row towards the dark seam.
Pinning the dark fabric square together

Piecing together the light fabric square

After that I turned my attention to the lighter fabric squares assembling three rows of six squares. Press each row towards the darker seam.

Once the rows were all sewn up and pressed, the three lighter rows were trimmed at each end by 4 & 3/4 inch on each end. With each shortened row I subcut in half lengthways which then amounted to six lighter rows.
Laying down the rows before the final stitch up

I placed the rows together starting with the narrow row and alternating between wide and narrow, ending with a narrow row. Sew up all the rows, press and found yourself with a simple and quick quilt top.

Finished product!

This quilt will require a 2 & 1/2 inch binding.

With minimal cutting required, it took only two hours to whip up the quilt top, especially great on a weeknight!

If you want to try out this project check out our website to pick out a layer cake!

Please note credit to Fat Quarter Shop for the pattern and YouTube tutorial

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